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  • Weight Loss Options In General Practice

    Obesity has become the sixth largest issue of the world and different organizations have claimed that obesity is the reason for high mortality rate in many countries and it is second to smoking in causing diseases. As a gatekeeper general consultants are playing their roles to control obesity. Almost 80 percent of the population of Australia consult general practice but still, 60 percent of the population is having obesity and they are unable to find the reason behind it that why this happening.

    Do you know the actual meaning of general practice? We can say that most of the people are unaware of this terms that are why people are still having issues of obesity. General practice is those people who check minor issues like doctors and guide you to what to do and how to do and also refers to you to a good hospital. But a survey tells us that people who are doing general practice jobs are not that much aware and less experienced that’s why the rate of obesity is increasing day by day. If we train them well the rate of obesity spreading can be decreased and it can be maintained to the low level.

    Similarly, if tell people about good supplements for obesity control so, it can also help them. Like the Garcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit and it controls your diet and your fat level in your body. It also keeps check on blood level and sugar level as well. So, you can try these and reduce your fat level because if you have awareness of good things than you can do anything for yourself.

    If you not losing weight by doing all the things then you should consult general practice surgery because it can help you in these things:

    1. Keep check and balance on your general health.
    2. Makes you identify the root cause of weight gaining and what is the reason you are not losing weight.
    3. Keep a check on changes in your body and identifies that if there is something serious that making you gain weight.
    4. Gives you a proper plan and procedure through which you can lose weight.

    Your general practice consultant will check your weight that whether you are having a healthy weight or not. Then he will probably check your waist to check that the fat level in your body is normal or not because waist checking is very effective to know about your fat and if you have more fat on your belly there are chances that you might have heart diseases or diabetes. General practice would also check your blood pressure level before suggesting you anything.


    If you are overweight than the first changes that should be made is in your diet and your physical activity and your GP can tell you about a good diet plan that you should follow. You would be instructed to write everything you eat and count your calories so that your consultant can have a check and balance on your daily diet. Then he would suggest you some exercise that you should do daily to burn your calories to maintain the fat level in your body.

    1. SET GOALS:

    Once, your general practice consultant has set your diet plan and your physical activity that you should do daily. Then it’s your turn to be active and participate moderately with the consultant because if you do not have motivation you cannot lose weight. If you really want to lose weight and become healthy and remove your excess fat from your body and your tummy to get well in shape then you should follow the advice of your consultant. Once you have decided that it is your goal to lose weight then no one can stop you from losing weight and you will definitely notice a change in yourself and your personality and also your health.


    If you have knowledge about anything no one can beat you and if you do not have knowledge that you are always on the wrong path. If you have a problem of obesity than try learning more about its reasons and do consult a doctor and never get dishearten or leave yourself in whatever condition you are. Life is awarded so, use it properly and be healthy by using the healthy diet. Similarly, use Garcinia cambogia for your help in losing your excess fat from your body because it is a tropical fruit with no side effects and it will assist you very effectively in removing any excess fat from your body. Do not worry about obesity because if you are on the right track obesity will never touch your body and you will always be healthy and be positive in your life.